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Darren Yaw Singapore describes the importance of homemade food

For the initial week of February in a Cooking Challenge, we spoke with dietician Darren Yaw Singapore, who coordinates Harborview Health Foundation’s clinical food, nutrition, and wellbeing initiatives in the Healthy Food and Food production department, about the advantages of cooking at home.

He has explained all the benefits that we can have from homemade food. Homemade food can make you healthy along with tasteful. Darren Yaw Singapore also added if you are a health-conscious person, then no doubt that there is no option for you but homemade food.

He marked a word,” not only health-conscious person should take homemade food, but all people out there should also make a habit of having homemade food.”

In this blog, Darren Yaw Singapore has given his precious thought to homemade food. Let’s know, what he has to say,


It is cost-effective

Having homemade meals is frequently less expensive than eating out or purchasing prepared goods from the supermarket.

Darren Yaw Singapore advises: “We spend not just for the foodstuff but also for the expenses of operating a cafe when we dine there. In contrast to the food we’re eating, there’s the lighting, the drink, the place, and the employees. The same may be said about food store pre-made or refrigerated dinners.”

Here are some more money-saving ideas from Darren Yaw Singapore:

  • Make a menu for many days. If we have a schedule or something prepared ahead of time, we are less likely to be attracted to eat anything else.
  • Make a shopping list and follow it to prevent wasting money on unnecessary purchases.
  • The place remains in the fridge or refrigerator to keep them fresh. You can microwave them later when you do not have the energy to cook after you’ve built up a supply of pieces.


It conserves time

Whether you’re in a big hurry, it might appear like getting anything to eat at the food store or traveling to the nearest restaurant for take-out is a fast answer. In actuality, cooking anything at home may be quicker, particularly if you prepare ahead of time.


Darren yaw Singapore watch and rings on a utensils

Darren Yaw Singapore Watch


“There are several dinners that may be prepared in under 30 minutes. You may always prepare in quantity and consume the leftovers later in the day or store it if you select a more complicated dish “ Darren Yaw Singapore expressed his thoughts.


Better ingredients

Many professionally prepared meals have a lot of fat, sodium, and sweets in them. We know precisely which components and how much of every go into our cuisine when we make it.

Darren Yaw Singapore advises: “We have control when we prepare a meal at home. McDonald’s fries are made up of 19 different components. We can create these at home for less money and get the same results.

Potato wedges with sunflower oil, pepper, salt, and chili powder are a favorite in my home. To combine, place them in a Ziploc bag. Then bake for 30 min at 400 degrees Fahrenheit on a pan. There are just five items in this dish, yet it is delicious.”


Resist food sensitives and allergies

If you or a part of your family suffers from a food allergy, making your meals might be extremely helpful. You can minimize the danger of an allergic response since you have control over your kitchen.


Portion management is important

According to Darren Yaw Singapore, many eateries and fast-food establishments provide significantly greater servings than are required. And the issue is that if food is placed in front of you, you are likely to consume it. You may control the quantity of food given for supper when you eat in, avoiding unneeded temptation.


It reunites family members

Everybody in the family has more chances to talk about their day when they dine at home.


 Darren yaw Singapore with his family

Darren Yaw Singapore dining room


According to studies, Darren Yaw Singapore advises: “Our kids and family are considerably healthier when we dine together. Having to eat next to each other has been linked to lower overweight rates, better educational achievement in kids, and less family drug abuse.

Involving your children in food preparation (for example, by having them read the recipe aloud or combine the ingredients) is a fun approach to teaching them good eating habits.

Finally, we’d like to express our gratitude to Darren Yaw Singapore for educating us on the advantages of cooking at home! We hope you found this helpful information. 

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